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Sweet 16 Scrapbook Album

This 16 x6 scrapbook Album is exquisite for your 16-year-old with photos and memories of your 16-year-old years, this Album will last forever.

Cheap Sweet 16 Scrapbook Album

The Sweet 16 scrapbook Album is for your 16 th birthday! Each photo Album increments by 6 photos for a total of 16 photos, the book itself is 8 with six scrapbook pages with beautiful six hearts cluster pages. These pages are also on the page for each photo, each page grants been photo-stenued with a pages facing out so you can see the photos on all side of the album. The pages also have a little magnets on the inside front cover that will hold the pages in place while you’re post-ing these photos! The Sweet 16 sixteen birthday hearts 4 x6 photo Album is a scrapbook that features 16 photos of favorite friends and family members taken during the 16 th year of their beautiful love, the Album is part of our efforts to keep the memory of their son, brother, and sister alive and current in our family. This Album is unequaled for use as book, for posts, or for an admirer who wants to show off their best photos and friends, this Sweet 16 memento is packed with photos and frames from different events and occasions. From the cute purple floral design, it looks like your friends and family members are yum’sing you up with their own special Sweet 16 scrapbook album, not only that, but a third of the size is filled photos and frames, making it a top-notch size for framing. This Album also includes images from some of the biggest names in scrapbooking, including and photo booth all in one place, not only that, but they’ve got a whole section for framed photos, so you can personalize it just the alternative you want. So whether you’re wanting to give it to your friend for her birthday or to display on your own chartreuse wall, this Album offers everything you need, this Sweet 16 memento is excellent for your 16 year old who loves taking pictures of their favorite people! The 3 x3 purple floral gift set is unrivalled for a moment of happiness or memory lane-style scrapbook album. Plus, the beautiful purple printing means that this Album always fresh.